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Wormley Boarding & Dog Training Centre

Dog Boarding Kennels, Dog Grooming, Dog Training, Pet Education

Wharf Road, Wormley, Nr. Broxbourne, Hertfordshire
EN10 6HF
tel: 01992 451666 or 07973 364133

Jane Cole has 20 Years of training dogs and people. Holds a City and Guilds Assessor. D32 and D33 in animal care and is known world wide for training and supplying dogs for Harrods, King Hussain of Jordan, Royal Arab Families, Posh Spice, David Beckham, Ian Walker etc.

Our other services include:

A 20-day residential training courses available.

We specialise in training your dog to your requirements we then show you the commands for you to continue the training. The methods used are kind and affective. We do use titbits and praise and toys as a reward.

We retrain rescue dogs and dog behavioural problems i.e. jumping up, pulling on lead, aggression to other dogs socialisation, we start from 14 weeks of age. Dogs must be fully vaccinated.

1 day refresher courses are available DVD of your training can be purchased on request.

Day courses, you can come with or without your dog for our 1 day seminars introductory course. If you are interested in working in the animal profession, introductory course will cover care and welfare of dogs and cats, in your care. Puppy training assessing dog behaviour. Problems what methods can be used. Courses available for you. Children’s courses are also available.

We breed Labradoodles.

Our excellent boarding facilities allow dogs and cats to stay with us in comfort, we also provide grooming services.

Fully trained dogs available any breed to approved clients, for protection of property business, personal trained companion dogs pre-purchase assessments on dogs and puppies available. Dogs exported world wide.

Plus, we provide pet care services in the Hertfordshire area.

For further information on any of our services, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any queries which you may have.

Please feel free to contact us by telephone on 01992 451666 or 07973 364133, or email usĀ  or please fill in the contact form and we will respond as soon as we are free.