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The World’s Most Amazing Dog Tales Book by Brad Barcly

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Looking for a book to read?
Something special?
Heart warming?

All the descriptive adjectives in the English language are encompassed in this fascinating collection of true stories of dogs and their ‘best friend’ MAN. Brad Barcly has brought together this collection of breath-taking experiences of men and their best friends over the last 1,000 years.


Why ?….. He could do no other after reading these anecdotes from the most reliable sources at the time of the incidents.

If you are not necessarily a dog lover………be prepared for an addition to your affections!

If you already hold a feeling for members of the Canine family….then you are in for a real treat!

Over 500 entrancing experiences are on the way to make your blood ‘tingle.’

Examples of “intelligence” from dogs? ….that baffles even the experts on animal behaviour!

Humann qualities such as loyalty, devotion, affection, dedication, joy, excitement and gratitude are understood and accepted, but where and how did our canine companions acquire them??

There is a place in Wales reputedly named after a man who mistakenly killed his dog? Read about it and be moved.

Plus 499 more wonderful, exciting, heart-rending and heart-warming experiences by men and their best friends through history and confirmed by such characters as Sir Walter Scott and many more.

Part one is available now in an Ebook covering some 250 of these remarkable experiences collected from historical accounts going back more than a thousand years and supported by many famous and well known characters of the time.

A great book to read and keep on your book shelf covering the history and confirmation of The Dog as “Man’s Best Friend”.

Visit to find out more and buy for only £4.66 securely online!