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Supplements For Pets

Natural Pet Health

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Like people, pets can suffer from health problems which can cause distress. You can help to avoid, delay, or minimise the effects of these by supplementing their diet.

Supplements For Pets have a range of herbal powder blends that have been specially formulated to help your pet:

Joint Boost for improved joint health, easing stiff joints and improved mobility

Trim Boost to help with weight management

Calm Down to reduce stress and nervousness from loud noises such as thunderstorms and fireworks and also prevent travel sickness and help with sleep

Coat Boost to improve dull coats and maintain their gloss

Gut Boost to maintain digestive health

Breath Boost for sweeter breath

Health Boost as a general tonic and overall wellbeing

Energy Boost for energy

Appetite Boost to help recover loss of appetite

Supplements For Pets make products specifically for pets, not for people (although all ingredients are human grade). They are all powders that are easily added to your pet’s normal daily food – not tablets that pets find hard to swallow and people find hard to give to them. Just add the recommended quantity to their food and stir it in. It’s as easy as that. Our products are effective and cost-effective.

Supplements For Pets powders contain active ingredients, listed and explained on each product page of our website, for preventing or alleviating the symptoms that the products are intended for. Natural herbal ingredients are used wherever possible, but the overriding importance is that our range is effective and your pet is kept as happy as possible.

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