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Sheona Hamilton-Grant

Pet Portraits, Pet Products

Bring your pet to life with a black and white portrait from Sheona Hamilton-Grant

About Sheona

Scottish artist Sheona Hamilton-Grant was born in 1969 and is married with two children. She grew up in Europe (Holland, France & Belgium), studied in Brussels, Madrid and London, lived in Belgium, Britain, Germany, France, Holland, Sweden and the USA (New Mexico). She has loved and cared for animals all her life.

Her art is an anchor and has been throughout the whirlwind of her young adult life. Maintaining an integrity, keeping things clean-cut, black and white and showing a need for detail throughout. These elements all graceful and sharp and by remaining constant have kept her work grounded and balanced.

Examples Of Sheona’s Portraits

To find out about procedures, costs and timescales for commissions, please contact Sheona by visiting at

Sheona looks forward to hearing from you!