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Rich Bitch Petwear

Pet Products

Rich Bitch Petwear are the experts in canine fashion, care and design, we specialise in designer dog collars of all sizes for all dogs.

We have a long association with dogs having owned several different breeds and cross breeds. We also own and run our own popular dog-grooming salon in the midlands we feel that we really do know our dogs and their different needs.

Our dog collars start from as little as £3.00 for our Liquirice Twist, we also offer higher end of the market dog collars these being our indulgent five row Jeweled Camo Collars and our gorgeous Leopard spots and gold diamante collars.
Rich Bitch Petwear also supply more traditional dog collars such as our Regal leather collar range.

Due to popular demand we have recentley expanded our clothing range and can now offer a wide range of hoodies from just plain right up to the more eye catching “Rich Bitch” jewelled hoodie, we have a hoodie for everybodys taste and even a design your own hoodie section.

Our canine tee-shirts are also proving to be very popular .

We pride ourselves on our customer service always at the other end of the phone and very prompt with email enquires. If your order is in stock we endevour to ship the next working day.

Here at Rich Bitch petwear we believe that dogs are just as important as us humans so why shouldn’t they be loved and spoiled just the same so heres to the dogs and all the joy they bring to our lives.

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