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Have you been thinking about feeding your dog with a raised dog bowl?

There are many health benefits to feeding your dog from a height. In some cases, it can be as simple as a benefit to your dog if they’re a tall breed. In others, it can be to help your older dog if they suffer from arthritis in their neck. Or it could be as simple as a solution to stopping your dog moving around the room with their bowl while eating.

Whatever the reason, a dog bowl stand or a wall mounted raised dog bowl really is worth investing in whether to help your dog now or help minimise the risks and discomfort of arthritis in the long term.

At, our bowls are lightweight but strong and can easily hold water as well as food for use throughout the day. Our bowls are designed not to be bulky, unlike some and the bowls are stainless steel for easy cleaning.


Choose your new raised dog bowl a range of colours and sizes to suit all sizes of dogs and make the tin-like sound of your dog’s bowl crashing a thing of the past!

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