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Pure Pet Food (Human Grade Dehydrated Dog Food Products)

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Pure Pet Food produce a range of human grade dehydrated dog food products, a first to the UK market. Pure is unique at it uses a dehydration process to preserve the fresh ingredients used in its recipes, eliminating the harsh temperatures and cooking procedures commonly used in the production of commercial dry biscuit and wet tinned food. Pure surpass current industry standards through regulation by both the human and the animal food authorities.


Unavailability of low processed and natural options has seen many owners turn to feeding a raw or home prepared diet. Pure allows owners to feed their dog a meal which has the nutritional integrity of a raw or home prepared meal, whilst retaining the convenience of a dry biscuit or wet tinned product.


To prepare Pure, owners simply add warm water (which allows the food to rehydrate) creating a healthy, low processed meal instantly. This eliminates the inconvenience of preparing meals (and the health risks associated with feeding and storing raw meat in the same kitchen environment as human food is prepared) or forgetting to defrost meat. It is also more cost effective than home cooking and many other premium commercial options.


Adding water in preparation gives Pure all of the major benefits associated with dry biscuit foods, which are easy to store, convenient to feed and have a long shelf life, whilst also providing the benefits of commercial wet foods, which are easier to digest (as the food is already rehydrated when fed, helping to prevent bloating and ensuring dogs are well hydrated).

As Pure is dehydrated this gives it a huge advantage over the equivalent dry biscuit or wet food, due to the moisture being removed. This leaves it weighing up to four times less, resulting in a 4kg bag of Pure being the equivalent to a 16kg bag of dry food. This makes storage much more convenient for owners, particularly ones living in cities or properties that have little storage space for large bags of pet food, or the additional freezer space which is required to store raw meat.


Find out more about Pure Pet Food by visiting online at or by contacting the team for advice on selecting the best product for your dog by telephoning 01422 379007 or emailing today!