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Piddle Patch – a soil-free, real grass toilet your dog will love!

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Dogs love real grass which makes Piddle Patch the intuitive toilet solution for house-training puppies, apartment dwelling dogs, and for those dogs without easy access to grass.

Our soil-free grass is grown in a liquid retentive mat, instead of soil, which extends the lifespan of the grass and prevents muddy paw prints from being tracked through the home. Our grass is grown in the UK without chemicals or pesticides.

Piddle Patch grass is harvested fresh for each order and shipped direct to your door. You can order a single Piddle Patch, or sign up for a subscription for regular deliveries to your home.

Unlike puppy pads, which can take up to 500 years to decompose in landfill, Piddle Patch is a natural and environmentally-friendly solution.

Train your dog the natural way with Piddle Patch.

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