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Pets Perfect

Pet Products

Established in 2004, Pets Perfect is an online provider of a wide range of dog supplies and accessories for many other pets. The business is owned by Sophie, who has a genuine love of animals, especially her Rhodesian Ridgeback; Charlie.

Sophie’s passion for pets shows through in her approach to business and the products that Pets Perfect supply. The company are continuously searching for new and innovative products that can help overcome behavioural issues, increase comfort and provide a better quality of life.

Whilst Pets Perfect stock the common cat and dog supplies available through many pet targeted sites; it is their specialist items that separate them from the competition. One interesting line is the dog life jackets that are available. Dog life jackets offer protection for those canines that love taking a dip when out on a walk, or whose owners take them out on their sailing boat. Likewise if your dog likes a bit of adventure then you can take it along surfing, kayaking or on any other water sport jaunt.

As a leading UK supplier of Ruff Wear; Pets Perfect also offers a host of other items that will open up a world of adventure to your best friend. Whether it is a pair of specialised dog boots to protect their feet on rough terrain, or a water carrying hydration pack; Pets Perfect have the right Ruff Wear product for you.

Other popular dog supplies include the Anxiety Wrap to keep your cherished pet calm during disruptive times such as thunderstorms and the Gencon head collar; a favourite amongst dog obedience trainers.

If you are a regular traveller there are also some great pet travel accessories to keep your pet safe and feeling secure during trips away from home. From seat slings to zip lines, portable beds to cat carriers; Pets Perfect has all those specialised pet products that can be difficult to locate and some that you maybe didn’t even know existed!

Visit Online Today At or call 01423 790133 if you would like additional information about the products available and how they might best suit your pet.