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Pet Business Insurance from Protectivity Insurance

Pet Business Insurance

Protectivity Insurance provides a range of niche insurance products in the leisure sector with a focus on tailored and quality commercial insurance for small business owners and sole traders. With over 20 years’ experience in the sector we are able to provide expert, specialist insurance with a highly efficient service at competitive prices.

We can provide pet business insurance for Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Dog Training, Pet Grooming, Pet Behaviourists, Dog hydro therapists and more. If you are running a Pet Business, we can provide you with cover against claims that could be brought against you by the animal’s owner or a member of the public.

Our Pet Business Insurance public liability options are £1 Million, £2 Million, £5 Million and £10 Million. This will cover you against any claims made against you, if you or an animal under your control should cause damage or injury to a third party. Even if it is found that you are not at fault, you could incur costs in defending yourself. You would also be covered for up to £15,000 if an animal under your care, custody or control should get injured, ill or die. Professional Indemnity cover can also be included as an add on. This will cover you for claims made against the business as a result of any negligent act, due to Professional advice or tuition. If you have any staff or unpaid volunteers you are legally obliged to have Employers Liability cover for your employees against injury, death or illness at work.

This cover protects you for all pet business activities so if you take out cover for dog walking you will also be covered for pet sitting and pet taxi as this may also be something which you do in the course of running your business. A full list of activities covered can be found on our website and our experienced staff are on hand to explain our pet business insurance policies and their benefits.

Contact our team to discuss your insurance requirements by telephoning 01494 887909 or email via the contact form below. Visit us online for a quote today at