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Over The Top Textiles Pet Products

Home & Gift Ware, Pet Travel

Bernard Stuart Ltd, 6 Threshers Yard, Kingham, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
tel: 01608 659986
fax:01608 659286

Quilted Car Mats
When it concerns your pet… go over the top for quality and value. An exclusive range of pet care products designed for vehicles and homes.

Made in the Cotswolds by Over The Top TextilesTM for discerning pet owners the world over.

Quilted Car Mats

The ‘Rolls-Royce’ of fabric technology. Non-Slip – Waterproof – Absorbent – Robust and machine washable.


Many animals love to cover up Quilted Thinsulate ? This makes the cosiest little Hideaway ever ! Cleverly designed with built up corners at the far end providing height for animals as they venture in and turn around to play or settle down.

Completely washable and hygenic – no fiddly covers to take off, so no fleas left behind!

Pet Sheets

The original (1988) and still the best Guaranteed to protect your chairs, settees and beds. Hair, mud and grit will not penetrate our Pet Sheets.
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Tel: 01608 659986
Fax: 01608 659286

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Over The Top Textiles
Bernard Stuart Ltd
6 Threshers Yard
Chipping Norton

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