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Nutriment Raw Food for Dogs

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Nutriment is a buoyant, ambitious business based in ‘always sunny’ Camberley. In an industry still dominated by aloof, arm’s length corporates, Nutriment stands proud as a dynamic, family-owned operation.

Two years after opening their factory doors for the very first time, Nutriment stands tall as the leading voice in discerning BARF pet feeding. With a second factory already in the pipeline to support a thriving domestic and export business, Nutriment takes immense pride in the fact that unlike some of its other ‘raw’ rivals, it aims to be far more than a basic meat, veg and bone proposition. Whilst others stick rigidly to predictable chicken-based recipes, Nutriment advocates that all its recipes of human- grade meat and veg include a generous dash of metabolism-friendly superfoods (kelp, flax, spirulina, salmon & coconut oil etc).

Nutriment also actively champions other nutritionally-loaded proteins like tripe and offal. Explainer: raw food for dogs (pros & cons).

From the word go Nutriment sought to buy British wherever feasible, a vision that remains true to this very day. Above all Nutriment is adamant that it will never resort to any second or third-rate meat derivatives, any chemistry set (artificial nasties) or any cheap and inappropriate grain fillers, key factors when it comes to explaining how Nutriment became the first premium raw food for dogs to secure a 5 out of 5 from influential website onlookers showing why this is a brand actively championed by influential pet behaviourists like Louise Glazebrook.

Here’s Nutriment’s Just range

Once again innovation sits at the heart of everything Nutriment stands for, which is why earlier in the year the ‘Toast of Surrey’ business launched Dinner for Dogs; a thoughtful menu of recipes geared specifically at smaller, less physical breeds. These perfectly proportioned single servings of conscientiously crafted meals come in ‘easy to carry’ tubs that ideal perfect easy store/on-the-go format for today’s increasingly busy families.

With a revamped website and brand new packaging, Nutriment is perfectly poised to maintain its status as the discerning voice within upmarket BARF pet food.

Naturally there will be more leading light product innovation later so please look out for news regarding a revamped cats range and a new top tier of dog food.

Discover more about Nutriment and their dog food ranges finding our which food range would best suit your dog’s needs online at today!