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NaturalK9Communications – Learn How To Communicate With Your Dog

Dog Training, Natural Pet Health

tel: 01702 206649 / 07771 817097

Learn how to communicate effectively with your dog with Julie Abbott, recommended associate of Jan Fennell “The Dog Listener”.

About Julie

I read Jan Fennell’s first book “The Dog Listener” in January 2002 and it made so much sense to me, finally I had found the answers to improve my own dog’s behaviour.

Being so inspired by the change in my dog, in March 2003 I attended Jan’s foundation course in Lincolnshire wanting to learn as much as I could about her method, and on completing this course was lucky enough to be invited back to attend her advanced course in January 2004 and then qualified as a Canine Communicator using the Amichien Bonding™ method.

I can now, not only better understand my own dogs, but also help other people who have problems communicating with their dogs.

About Amichien Bonding

Amichien Bonding™ is a way of working and living with our dogs to help them find their place within our pack, and to encourage them to elect us as leaders of their own free will. In the wild, the hierarchy of the wolf pack is constantly reinforced through the use of highly ritualised behaviour. Amichien Bonding™ allows us (the owners) to mimic this by giving calm and consistent signals to the dogs every day.

Unlike gadget-based dog training or traditional obedience methods, Amichien Bonding™ is not dog training; it is a natural way of communicating with your dog that creates an environment where your dog will want to work with you of its own free will. It is simple, effective and involves no pain, no force, no shouting, no violence and no expensive gadgets.

By using Amichien Bonding™ you will be able to move into the wonderful world in which your dog will WANT to cooperate with you, of his own free will, not because he is forced to.

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How To Contact Julie

I am based in Essex and can easily access surrounding areas, and I am happy to travel to any location by agreement.

For enquiries please complete the email form by clicking here or alternatively call me on 01702 206649 / 07771 817097 to book an appointment or just to have a chat to find out more.