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Mulberry Magnotherapy – Magnetic Products for Animals and People

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tel: 0116 2866695 / 07749 117429

Welcome To Mulberry Magnotherapy for Bioflow Magnetic Bracelets & Jewellery

Mulberry Magnotherapy, based in Leicestershire are suppliers of Ecoflow and Bioflow magnetic products for both people and animals. We have a varied range of magnotherapy products for sale including magnetic bracelets, magnetic jewellery and magnetic dog & cat collars.

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Magnets and thier healing properties have been known for thousand of years.Cleopatra was said to have worn one on her forehead to preserve her beauty and cure headaches, and also Elizabeth I wore them to help with artritis. Even animals can be help by magnets – proving that it isn’t all in our heads!

In recent years with many people looking for alternative therapies and trying to cut down how many pills they take for pain, an increasing number are looking to magnets and finding the benefits quite outstanding, with the introduction of the central reverse polarity magnet(CRP for short) providing a great improvement and giving a greater depth of penetration.Some people and animals have found it has turned their lives around


We all know that the blood supply is the thing that sustains our body, replenishing it with nutrients and oxygen and removing waste and toxins.

Ecoflow, who make the Bioflow range of magnets, believe that applying a magnetic field to the blood circulation agitates the blood stream giving better circulation and making hands and feet much warmer. This can help prevent blocked arteries aid the regeneration of damaged tissue. Users have also noticed increased energy levels, and reduction in pain along with many other benefits.


For help and advice, please contact Mulberry Magnotherapy by telephoning 0116 2866695 / 07749 117429 or email.

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