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Aristopaws – Luxury Online Pet Boutique

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Aristopaws is a top end luxury online pet boutique for cats and dogs. The Aristopaws story was born out of a quest for beauty and stylish design. Portia and Pierre, a Tortie Persian and a Chinchilla Persian respectively, were the driving force behind Aristopaws and upon whom the logo was created. The name was derived from a little girl’s love of the Aristocats.

Julia Bell, the founder of Aristopaws, is a lawyer with a passion for animals, fashion and elegance who wanted to amalgamate these three elements to showcase haute couture products dedicated to pampered pooches and finicky felines.

From award winning national and international designers comes a timeless and unique collection of luxury cat and dog products. Designers range from Andrea Levine Designs and Chien Vivant Couture to Lillibed, Ice London, Love My Dog, Haute Puppy Couture, Pink Whiskers, Pet Interiors and Best Friend’s Home.

For luxury pet products out of the ordinary, or a design object that is both functional and beautiful then look no further than our selection of Swarovski pet accessories. From Swarovski encrusted porcelain bowls, bespoke Swarovski, Silk and Pearl Wedding Dresses, collars, leads, hairclips and carriers to a sofa made out of velvet and fully adorned with Swarovski crystals, any dog will look and feel a million dollars.

Making their debut in the United Kingdom are stunning Dog Mansions Ranging from a puristic Bauhaus style cube to an idyllic Swedish style doghouse.

Any dog would be proud to sleep in one of the many handmade beds in the collection whether their choice is leather, faux fur or other sumptuous fabrics there is sufficient to fulfil all tastes.

If there is a special occasion to attend why not be seen in one of the beautiful haute couture gowns by Haute Puppy Couture. Each gown is sewn by hand to order.

And finally, why not capture the spirit of your pet with a beautiful and unique hand drawn portrait by an award-winning artist.

For cats, bespoke cat furniture, beds and scratching posts, Swarovski cat collars, porcelain bowls, award winning cat toys together with designer grooming products.

Aristopaws provides exceptional products for exceptional pets and the discerning owner will certainly find their inspiration here.