Lifetime Pet Insurance

Are you looking for lifetime pet insurance for your dog or cat? If so, look no further!

VetsMediCover offer a unique style of pet insurance.  Simply, we cover all veterinary and complementary fees for your dog or cat for up to £10,000 a year.  If you’ve shopped around, you’ll know that this is an exceptionally high level of cover.  The following points illustrate what we offer and why our policy is the best available for quality of cover and for excellence of service.

What Are The Benefits of Lifetime Cover Pet Insurance?

K9 Magazine recently explored the benefits of pet insurance lifetime cover, they explained that:

Pet insurance lifetime cover means (or it should, be sure to check the small print!) that your dog will be covered for the duration of its natural life and the insurer won’t suddenly remove cover at the time in your pet’s life when it most needs the protection of insurance.

The Importance of Lifetime Pet Insurance Cover

The possibilities of lifetime pet insurance cover should not be underestimated.  It gives you peace of mind that you can treat your pet.  If your animal gets diabetes, a long-term skin disorder or any other issue that requires ongoing treatment, we will continue to pay out.

Other policies have limits and caps.  Some policies give you only a year per ailment, others a fixed spend.

Consumers must be aware of lifetime pet insurance cover and the freedom for progress it provides.  Pet Insurance is an investment; purchased to be used in the event of serious medical conditions and only lifetime pet insurance cover is sufficient for serious cases that require extensive treatment.  If you want peace of mind then it’s worth choosing a policy that offers lifetime cover.