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Kosy Kennels

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Luxurious pet bed. Your pet will love you for it!

The only pet bed/sleeping bag in the world that enable pets to enter and leave and cover themselves snugly on their own.

We call them “Snuggeries”

No matter the size of your pet there is a Kosy Kennel just right for them!

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Our product designs have been refined over many years making them comfortable, practical and portable Made in six sizes to accommodate all breeds of dogs, cats and ferrets.

The quality materials that we use are comfortable for your pet, attractive to the eye and machine washable. Our wide choice of colours and designs ensure that your pets bed/sleeping bag will harmoniously blend with your existing decor.

All sizes are supported with a matching frame though the mini and small sizes can be supplied with foam bonding which makes a frame unnecessary.

The Snuggery is made for indoor use though some customers are successfully using them as a lining for Kennels.

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