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K9 Crystals – Therapeutic Healing Crystals for Dogs

Natural Pet Health, Pet Products

tel: 01748 818713

We are small family business who’ve been making a range of
therapeutic healing products for both dogs and people for over 20 years.

The healing properties of crystals have been known for centuries. Our team is dedicated to this ancient tradition.

Each magnetic crystal is individually made by hand with loving care.

Crystal therapy is a gentle non evasive alternative healing practice used to harmonise the mind and body. Crystals work alongside your dog’s own electro magnetic energy fields helping to absorb, focus, direct and diffuse energy in order to enable a diseased or imbalanced body to find its own natural energetic rhythm.

Embedded at the heart of each K9 crystal there is a powerful rare earth magnet. The magnet increases the rate at which the crystal oscillates and enhances its healing power. Combining magnetic energy with the K9 crystal hones the frequency of the crystal making the pendant’s energy more effective.

Click here to read more about our crystals and the benefits of each stone

For further details or for advice on which crystal would suit the needs of you and your dog, please email or visit

We look forward to hearing from you!