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K9 Cartoonz

Pet Portraits

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So You Think Your Pet’s Got Character?
Let’s face it, we love our pets because of WHO they are not WHAT they are or what they look like. That’s why K9 Cartoonz have become so popular amongst pet owners around the world – because they perfectly capture the very CHARACTER of a pet.

There’s nothing like witnessing the look on someone’s face when they see their OWN pet in cartoon format! We capture the most unique elements of a pet’s character and translate it to art in the form a cartoon caricature, displaying all the traits and mannerisms of the individual pet. Chloe, the dog on the right, for example, is an energy-filled, all action Labrador who loves fetching her ball.

Ever Lasting Memories
A cartoonized adaptation of your pet lasts for ever. In 10, 15 or even 50 years a pet portrait will be a wonderful thing to look back on along with photos of your pet but a cartoon-captured version will always bring a smile to your face as it reminds of you just what your pet was really like not just what they looked like.

See how the process works?