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Jacqueline Pritchard – Dog and Cat Behaviourist on Animal Planet’s Animal Roadshow

Dog Training

Flat 2 Ranch House, Ranch Farm, Willis Lane, Four Marks, Alton Hants
GU34 5AP
tel: 07793 198447

NJacqueline is a highly experienced & successful canine & feline behaviourist. Qualifying with a Distinction in Canine Human Interface from the Animal Care College at Ascot Berkshire UK, she then went on to attent the BNP (Bessant Neville Partnership) symposia advanced pet behavioural therapy course run by John Fisher, Dr Peter Neville and Robin Walker MRCVS.



She has trained and received certificates in Dog Training & Dog & Cat Nutrition. She has a Diploma in Professional Counselling from Farnborough College Of Technology and 7407 Teacher Training Certificate.

Jacqueline is currently studying for an MSc Rational-Emotive & Cognitive Behaviour Therapy at Goldsmiths University of London.

Jacqueline continued to receive her Animal Behaviour Training through John Fisher and was a member of the John Fisher Practice prior to starting her own consultancy. Jacqueline has now run her own successful practice since 1994 and is highly recommended by her referring veterinary surgeons.

Jacqueline’s approach is based on looking at all aspects of the pet’s problems & the pet-human relationship and their different expectations. She advises on behavioural modification programs, which address the core issue & manifesting problem. She also advises on training, nutritional needs, building up a good solid relationship with your pet. One of Jacqueline’s prime focuses is to teach you how to understand & live with your pet so that you address all existing issues & prevent further ones from developing.
Jacqueline is available to comment, advice and offer expertise in legal cases.

Does your dog…
Show aggression to people or other dogs?
Howl, mess or chew when left alone?
Have house-training difficulties?
Have car travel problems?
Suffer from fear/nervousness, etc?

Does your cat…
House soil or spray?
Show aggression to other cats?
Suffer from fear/nervousness, etc?
Why let your pet suffer when all these problems can be treated.

Dog & Cat Behavioural Consultations

Home Visits
A Consultation will involve approximately a two-hour visit to your home. Jacqueline will meet the family, discuss the pets daily routine, history and behaviour. By then discussing the family’s expectations of the relationship with the pet, an accurate diagnosis & treatment plan can be formulated using force free, kind & effective methods which fit in with the family’s lifestyle.

A full behavioural modification program is implemented on the day for the family to follow on an ongoing basis. The family is advised to send in weekly reports for a month and further telephone/e-mail support can be given. If you would like a follow up visit then a reduced fee will be offered.

For cases where owners feel their pet may not be suited to their specific environment, Jacqueline offers a consultation to discuss the best way to move forward for the pet and the family.

Areas Covered for Dog and Cat Behaviour Consulations
Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, East and West Sussex, London, Kent, Oxford, Somerset & Buckinghamshire. Consultations outside of these areas can be arranged.

Rescued Dog Consultation
All you need to know about living with a rescued dog, addressing past, present and potential problems.

New Puppy Consultations
All you need to know about bringing up a puppy successfully, including nutrition, house training, training, behaviour and socialisation.

* Fees start from £100 – Appointments are available weekdays, evenings and weekends.

A home visit is the ideal consultation, however for those people for who this is not a viable option. I have a range of alternative services to allow anyone, no matter where they live to have access to professional help.

Telephone / On-Line / Postal Consultations
You can ring me to discuss in person the problems you are having and I can then discuss with you measures to be taken to help you immediately and also post/email you all the behavioural programs needed or; using the email facility, you can email your pet’s history and problems and I will then email you the appropriate behaviour modification programs. You can then email me with a weekly update report which will enable me to support your progress or;

Write to me with your pet’s problems and I will post to you your pet’s behavioural modification programs. You can then send me weekly progress reports which will enable me to support you. Fee £50.00

Dog Behaviour Talks
Available upon request

For further information please visit or you can contact Jacqueline direct on 07793 198447 or by e-Mail