How Much Do You Know About Your Dog’s Food?

Did you know that the phrase hypoallergenic dog food was coined by a dog food manufacturer? It’s true. Before they gave it the name, it had none.

Every year it seems that a new food becomes the IT dog food almost, don’t you think? Last year it felt that high protein dog food came to the forefront, and before that cold pressed dog food, as well as grain, gluten and wheat free dog foods rose up, following in the footsteps of hypoallergenic dog food.

That’s not to say that these foods as fads. Far from it. It’s just that pet food companies are now able to far more easily tailor dog foods for evolving needs, both ours and our pets, because there is most certainly an argument to be made that as we discover more about nutrition and specific ingredients and ‘superfoods’ we should be eating, we leverage our information for the benefit of our pets.

K9 Magazine has just launched a dog food glossary to explain what some of the newest – and oldest – types of dog foods are, and how to tell if your dog might benefit from them, as well as how to spot them on the supermarket shelves.

The K9 Magazine definitive dog food glossary article covers more about:

  1. Cold pressed dog food
  2. Complete dog food
  3. High protein dog food (wet and dry)
  4. Gluten free dog food
  5. Grain free dog food
  6. Hypoallergenic dog food
  7. Lifestage dog food
  8. Prescription dog food
  9. Working dog food
  10. Vegan dog food