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Havers Specialised Dog Training

Dog Training

Havers Natural Dog Behaviour Training offer residential dog training, dog training classes in Leicestershire and online dog training courses matched to suit your needs and experience levels. Home Visits and Dog Training at Home can also be arranged.

Havers Natural Dog Behaviour Training works by teaching you how to get to know your dog, what ever their breed or mix of breeds. Dogs try to communicate with us all the time, we just don’t know what to look for. When we learn to understand our dogs, we can understand what they are telling us and when they are asking us questions.

Then, and this is the best bit, we learn how to answer their questions. Wait till you see your dog relax just because he is getting an answer to his question. I have yet to meet a dog owner who is not amazed by the difference on their own dog. Once your dog knows what you want, with Havers Natural Dog Behaviour Training, you can train your dog to do anything you want! Come and see for your self!

Dogs are very adept at training us because they are very good at exploiting our emotions to get our reactions. Common examples of behaviours your dog does to get your biggest reaction are:

* Rushing to get to the door firsrt
* Jumping on the sofa
* Bringing you toys and barking at you
* Barking at the window
* Chewing your furniture
* Biting your trousers when you walk past
* Nipping your hands

Other, more extreme examples can be:

* Displaying aggressive behaviour to dogs and/or people
* Biting and nipping people or visitors in the house
* Stressed around visitors in your house
* Barking at passers by in the house or on a walk
* Fearful of or lunging at other dogs
* Frightened of other dogs that come rushing up and has to defend himself
* Pulling hard on the lead when going for a walk and getting excited in the house when he sees the lead
* Refusing to come when called and just has to go and see every dog and person they see.

These are learned behaviours and some people endure these behaviours and tolerate them. They dread taking the dog for a walk, they live in fear of what the dog might do next and the feeling of not knowing what to do to change it makes them furstrated, fed up and even depressed. Owners often resort to tools and gadgets like choke chains, halti’s, gentle leaders etc to prevent the bad behaviour but the bad behaviour does not go away forever.

To learn how to stop these behaviours forever, visit online at or telephone 01530 242209 and contact Steven today and your satisfaction is guaranteed.