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Hampshire Reiki – Flower Essences and Crystals for Pets and People

Natural Pet Health

tel: 01962 620602 / 07766 800014

Welcome to Hampshire Reiki

Hampshire Healing is owned and run by Denise Croucher who offers a host of reiki and complimentary therapy services alongside products such as crystals and flower essences for both pets and people.

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About Denise Croucher

Having lived and travelled abroad Denise was fortunate to gain an insight into different cultures and traditions and how they looked after their animals.

Her journey into the complementary fields took her down various roads. She completed a course on canine Shiatsu which led to NFSH Healing and Reiki.

She has been successful in dog training, especially using play methods and has been taught by some of the best, including Sandy Wadhams.

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What Can Hampshire Healing Offer You?

Reiki healing for humans and canines

Reiki channels energy through the person or animal. This helps to restore one’s own natural ability to heal.

Animals are particularly responsive to healing. This can benefit them on all levels, resulting in a happier, calmer or more balanced animal.

Reiki massage for humans and canines

Massage is a great way to restore calm to a stressful mind. When we are stressed, our body automatically starts to become tense and stiff. This is particularly noticeable in the neck and shoulder area. This muscle tension can make you feel miserable. It’s great for dogs
Just like us, dogs can develop areas of muscle stiffness, which can cause discomfort. If an animal is in pain it will affect its mental well being also. They aren’t able tell us that they hurt, but you may have noticed that your dog may be a little depressed or uncharacteristically aggressive. Pain can create all sorts of problems. It’s also a lovely treat for the old dog, as his joints become stiff. Dogs literally unfold during a massage, looking longer and taller as their muscles relax. Like us, a dog that is pain free will be a happier dog.

Flower essences and crystals for humans and canines

Bach flower essences form part of alternative medicine. They comprise a therapeutic system that uses dilutions of flower essences developed by Dr.Edward Bach to balance physical and emotional disturbances. Dr. Bach distilled the essence of certain flowers, and choose the right ones for the state of being of a patient. He knew that the human being is more than a physical body and incorporates a body of life energy, sensitivity, feelings and a spiritual body. Flower essences are energetic imprints of the life force of plants.

Crystals placed in the home can help you and your pet to reduce stress, fear, balance emotions, energize, clear energy blockages, calm the mind and reach expanded states of consciousness.

Animals are able to receive the healing benefits of crystals as well as humans. Various stones produce different effects shown through your animal’s behavior. Dogs, cats, birds and fish can benefit from stones.

Dog training services

Training is either on an individual basis or in small groups.

Training can be achieved in competitive obedience, agility including competitions, flyball and cani-cross (running with your dog), all of which are great fun for owner and dog. Any method of playtime together will help to formulate the close bond that we all want with our dogs.

Training available – all areas considered.

How To Contact Us

For further details, please don’t hesitate to contact Denise direct by telephoning 01962 620602 / 07766 800014 or email.