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Forsham Cottage Arks – Wooden Dog Kennels, Poultry and Pet Housing

Dog Kennels & Runs

Goreside Farm, Ashford, Kent
TN26 1JU
tel: 0800 163797 / 01233 820229

Forsham Cottage Arks offer quality wooden dog kennels in a variety of sizes suitable for outdoor living.

About Forsham Cottage Arks

Forsham Cottage Arks came into being in 1979 when we tried to buy poultry housing for our small holding. We discovered the only housing on the market was poorly concieved and generally of low standard of workmanship so we built our own. It was not long before we were being asked to supply arks for others, thus Forsham Cottage Arks was born.

Our dog kennel range includes bespoke and larger wooden kennels, as well as popular standard dog kennels.

Our Dog Kennel Range Includes:

Chegworth Kennel – Custom Built Dog Kennels

Dog kennels with the facility of a removable roof pannel for easy cleaning access.

Edenbridge Dog Kennel

Lenham Dog Kennels

Animal housing with removable side walls and a large access door to ease the burden of cleaning.

We also offer dog bedding!

Strong, versatile and easy to clean dog beds.

For further details or to request a brochure, please telephon freephone 0800 163797 or 01233 820229 (Mon-Fri: 09:00-17:00 – Sat: 09:00-12:00) or email us.

We look forward to hearing from you!