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Fishers Woodcraft

Dog Kennels & Runs


Unit 6 Carrside Park, Woodhouse Lane, Hatfield, Doncaster
tel: 01302 841122

Manufacturers of Traditionally Built Animal Housing of the Highest Quality and Strength at Affordable prices

We are happy to work to your specifications to ensure the highest quality for you and your pet, please contact us today for a free quotation and we’ll happily help in anyway.


The Beecham provides a good solid shelter for your dog, with an open entrance. It is ideal for small to medium size dogs. The Beecham is suitable for placing in your garden, run or compound.
Size: 3′ x 2′ £89.00 inc vat


The Eldred is a pent roof design, made to house the medium to large dog. The large open entrance is placed to one side to allow for your dog to shelter inside from driving rain or high winds. It can be placed in your garden or run
Size: 4′ x 3′ £129.00 inc vat


The Chase is a large dog kennel fitted with a stable door and fixed ventilation. It can be sited anywhere. It is also available with an open run option and can be made as multiples.
Size: 4′ x 3’6′ £239.00 inc vat Height 4′