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Our aim at is to supply you with superior products which will improve the quality of your pet’s life. All our pet products are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and come in a variety of stunning designs and colours, which will look good anywhere in your home.

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Our brand-new range of ExtraComfort Restore® Visco Elastic Memory Foam Pet Beds is a revolutionary breakthrough in canine/feline care. One of the major problems for dogs and cats is joint inflammation and arthritis. Other dogs/cats are just restless sleepers and drive you mad during the night. Our ExtraComfort Memory Foam Pet Bed provides the perfect solution for all of these problems.
The memory foam pet beds come in a choice of faux fur or faux suede finish and in a range of 6 stunning colours and designs. Our memory foam pet beds are also available with inner waterproof protective covers.


“To have found a Company that cares as much about animals as myself, I think is fantastic. The new memory foam beds available for cats/dogs from ExtraComfort are, in my opinion, something that has long been needed. On a personal note, I have purchased a memory foam bed from ExtraComfort for two of my boxers who I feel would benefit hugely from it. George, one of my boxers has very sadly been diagnosed with very bad arthritis and another of my dogs, Millie, has had a cruciate ligament operation. The results have been astounding, and in a very short time it has become clear that he is able to sleep more soundly, as he now feels more comfortable with the feeling of the mattress moulding into his shape. All I can say is thank you ExtraComfort; it’s great to see my dog happy again.

The comfort that these beds give the animals is amazing and it is especially good for any animal that may have health problems eg, joints, bones etc. Unfortunately I see too many dogs coming to our rescue with these kinds of problems, as well as the more elderly dogs that need some comfort on their aching bones.

As a qualified canine behaviourist/psychologist, I also feel it can also help their behaviour, as a relaxed dog is a happy dog.”

Lorraine Cumming M.I.A.C.E
Canine Behaviourist and Psychologist Founder and Trustee Boxer Welfare Scotland

Classic Pet (Dog/Cat) Settees With Throw Cushion In Faux Suede Finish

This luxury designer pet bed is part of the new Classic Range from ExtraComfort, the UK`S leading retailer of pet products for the discerning customer. Our designer dog/cat settee is stylish, elegant and of superior quality compared to most other pet beds.

The pet settee is made of high density, premium CM foam, making it into soft, but supporting and extremely comfortable resting place for your pet. Our dog/cat settee is finished in stunning and luxurious faux suede polyester and comes complete with it’s own lovely throw cushion. The pet settee is available in three different sizes and four beautiful colours. It will look good in any room of your home and make you the envy of other pet owners and their little friends.

Paws Blotter® Extra Heavy Duty Door/Floor Mats

Our Paws Blotter® Door and Floor mat is the ideal floor protector which will eliminate all dirt, mud and moisture if your pet or any other occupants of your home usually bring half of your garden into the house. Imagine your floor staying as clean as when you last cleaned it and all the extra hours and effort you’ll save on vacuuming and mopping. MADE OF 100 % SUPER ABSORBENT COTTON WITH AN UNRIVALLED WEIGHT OF 850 GRAMS PER SQUARE METRE FOR EXTRA HEAVY DUTY USE!!! The Paws Blotter® comes in eight different sizes and shapes (Novelty shaped, oblong and square)

How To Find Out More

For further details about memory foam pet beds and to discuss how they can improve your pets health, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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