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Easidri – Pet and Equestrian – The grooming towel that thinks it’s a sponge.

Easidri is a unique super absorbent grooming towel.
Available in 3 sizes and supplied in a quality plastic storage canister – ( Small 43x32cm – Medium 68x43cm – Large 85x66cm )

Easidri is a PVA open cell structure with a tough outer surface this combines amazing absorbency with a hardwearing durability.

Due to the super absorbency of Easidri, will remove dirt and soak up excess moisture from your pet’s coat, leaving it clean and dry enough for the car or the home.

Easidri is simple to keep clean, just rinse, and wring out and it will dry in minutes. It is also machine washable.

The handy plastic case keeps Easidri in perfect condition, ready for use.

Holds up to 50% more water than a normal chamois.

Resistant to most chemicals.

Machine washable.

Can be disinfected.

Tough and durable.

Handy plastic storage case.

Hundreds of household uses.

Used damp, Easidri is ideal for drying those difficult places such as the face and legs.

No pet owner should be without Easidri!

Easidri is probably the best drying tool you’ll ever find.