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Does your pet take fright on fireworks night? Or perhaps life is fraught for weeks before and after the event?

Noise phobias in pets related to fireworks are still surprisingly common and affected animals will show extreme fear & shaking, hiding or running away and destructive behaviour.

This year Dorwest Herbs will be taking some very positive measures to help raise awareness that there is help at hand for pet owners. Vets and pet shops will be giving out Dorwest’s leaflets on firework fear, that are packed full of great treatments and techniques to calm terrified terriers and trembling tabbies. There are suggestions for short and long term solutions – some can be started from puppy or kitten hood.

For some families, fireworks just signal weeks of misery for them and their pet. We really want to make people aware that something can be done to help their pet and treatment need not mean keeping your pet heavily sedated. In fact vets now believe that being drowsy or inco-ordinated can make the pet feel worse – there is no way for them to run away from the event that is terrorizing them.

I think we can all imagine how awful that must feel. We know that lots of pet owners get great results with our veterinary licensed Scullcap and Valerian Tablets and Organic Valerian Compound supplement, which are usually given on the recommendation of their vets or local pet shops. The aim is to have a relaxed and calm pet that remains awake and aware of what is going on but is not too disturbed by it.

It is very tempting to just hope that this is a problem that will go away eventually and that the pet will somehow learn to cope but experts do not believe that this is the case. Noise and firework phobias tend to get worse over time, rather than better if you don’t do something to help manage them. We also know of cases where old dogs and cats suddenly start to experience firework fear – perhaps because they feel less able to escape the fearful event, or because their sense of hearing has become distorted. A quality herbal treatment can reduce anxiety in these pets too. There are lots of hints and tips in our leaflets describing other techniques that can be brought into play to help your cat or dog cope.

The leaflets are free to veterinary practices and pet shops. Pet owners can call their local veterinary practice or pet shop to find if they stock Dorwest’s Firework Phobia leaflets and veterinary licensed herbal treatments, alternatively they can call Dorwest directly for details of stockists and advice. There is also an area of Dorwest Herb’s website explaining more about firework and noise phobias and pet owners can buy Scullcap and Valerian Tablets and Organic Valerian Compound directly from the company.

Visit or call 0870 733 72 72 today for help and advise to help set your dogs mind at ease.