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Get On Board With Dog Trailer International’s New Dog On Wheels!

The latest generation of dog washing and grooming trailers to maximise your growth potential. This trailer is the only one of it’s kind and this is your chance to own one!

DTI are looking for distributors for our trailer in the U.K.

See The Latest Features In Our Dog Washing and Grooming Trailers Below:

Dalmatian doggy shape Extremely visual for increased business revenue
Huge fat body Lots of room for large dogs
Light weight fibreglass body Easy to manover in tight spots
Huge doggy ears Maximum ventilation
Large exhaust fan Removal of hot air
Massive on board water storage Less fill stops, more revenue
Huge Hydrobath More room for the big dogs
Separate heating tank and washing tank You will have the cleanest dog ever
Universal generator Quick and easy set up-increased revenue. No messy power leads
No Contracts – No franchisor Flexibility to run your own business
No ongoing fees Money is in your pocket
Maintain trailer value As the miles pile up, there is no loss of vehicle value
Great business opportunity Have fun and work the hours you want

“Where every dog has its day”

DTI are looking for distributors for our trailer in the U.K.

Please register interest please email us or visit our web site at