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Dog Boots – From Pro-Active Paws

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Dog boots used by service and rescue dogs worldwide which protect dog paws against injury and keep wound dressings dry and clean. Our dog boot protects sporting dogs, working and pet dogs in harsh ground. The dogboot alleviates lameness from cuts and bruises and will stay on your dog. Tested on working retrieves in all terrains and whilst competing. Secure, washable, slip resistant, durable. Special boots made for dogs with disabilities.

Our dog boots are in use by the US Army Canine Unit all over the world and our customers frequently express their delight with the quality and durability of the dogboots. Here are some recent comments:

‘We found your dog boots perfect for the recovery of our very active border collie’s cut paw. She ran over some broken glass and had a deep laceration of the main pad and damage to the tendon. She refused to walk on four legs unless he had her boot on until it was mended. This took several weeks and she was able to enjoy a holiday in the Lake District during this time.’

“The dog boots that you sent me are fantastic!!!! As well as protecting my dog, I no longer have to worry about where she’s running or what she’s running over. The more people know about these dog boots the better, in my opinion.”

Special boots are made for dogs with disabiities, these are made to measure and the protection is tailored to the individual dog’s needs. Here is one customer comment about our special dog boots

“My husband and I adopted Klaus when he was 3 months old. Shortly before we adopted him, he was hit by a car and nerve damage he sustained caused him to lose feeling and use of his right back leg. We took him to be examined by an orthopedic surgeon who informed us that, if the nerves ever healed to the point he would be able to walk on his leg, it would take many months.

Because Klaus was unable to use his leg, when he walked he would drag his foot, which resulted in terrible sores that had to frequently be medicated and bandaged. I was unable to locate the type of boot I felt he needed and was at my wits end when a friend discovered your Pro-Active Paws Dog Boots web site and told me about it. I was so excited to find exactly what I had been looking for ? boots that would not only cover his foot, but also protect his hock. When I received these wonderful boots I was thrilled to find, not only were they exactly what I had been looking for, they were made of very high quality and would actually stay on his foot. It is such a relief to know Klaus can finally go out to walk and play and I don’t have to worry about his boot coming off and his foot continually being injured.”

On our web site, you will find full details of our boots.