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Commission a Portrait

Pet Portraits

tel: 0207 921 9704
fax:0207 921 9709

View over 30 artists portfolios

We have specially selected the finest artists from the UK and further afield for their outstanding craftsmanship and their ability to paint and draw dog portraits. Our artists cover a whole spectrum of styles and approaches in fine dog portraiture. Traditional and Modern styles are represented offering you plenty of options and choice.

Portraits of affection

There?s nothing like receiving a surprise portrait painting or drawing of a beloved friend. We have helped many people commission oil portraits or drawings of their dog. The portraits can be painted from photographs, either taken by the artists for the best results, or if needs be painted from good quality photos provided by you. Contact our artists through the web site or talk to us if you need further advice.

tel: 0207 921 9704

How to commission an artist and the procedure

Please view our procedure page; this will explain how you go about selecting and commissioning an artist.