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Biopulse – Team ROMO – Magnetic therapy products for dogs

Dog Clothes & Accessories, Natural Pet Health

tel: 01565 830500

Biopulse offer a range of canine and equine magnotherapy ranges.

BIOPULSE are proud to offer a 1 year guarantee from date of purchase against defective workmanship, a lifetime guarantee for the Unique IMPS magnetic systems, full treatment notes with every order, plus full back up telephone support and advice from a dual qualified nurse.

Traditional Dog Collar + BIOPULSE Server
Made with top woven fabric having two double BIOPULSE systems on a sliding server to sit over the jugular veins for optimum blood ionisation , increasing oxygen content and getting rid of toxins

Greyhound Collars
Made with top quality leather and soft suede lining having two double BIOPULSE systems to sit over the jugular veins for optimum blood ionisation , increasing oxygen content and getting rid of toxins. Available from 13” to 16”, and in WHIPPET sizes.

Contains three coils With two base frequencies with five pulse settings for pain, and for orthopaedics and for pre-race and post race toning and relaxation. There are also 8 ROMOIMPS permanent magnetic systems in the pad which means that the dog will get treatment EVEN WITHOUT A POWER SUPPLY.

If a dog has a soft tissue injury or laceration at the track, the last thing you want is to drive for an hour before treatment, so you put the dog in the transit cage, plug the unit into the cigar lighter, adjust the settings, and 20 mins later the treatment is finished. The unit can also be plugged into the mains supply and used under a dog bed, kennel etc., The unit has 2 ports, so you can treat two dogs at once without having to buy two complete units.

Greyhound / Dog Wrist Support
Soft neoprene sandwich containing two BIOPULSE systems per support. Can be set to give loose or tight support, acts as a vascular dilator ensuring the maximum amount of oxygen rich blood gets to the injury. When doubled up a pair can be used around the top of the leg.

Greyhound and Dog Kennel Fleeces
With Two BIOPULSE systems at the shoulders and hind quarters with three BIOPULSE systems down the spine to work on Shoulders, Gracilis and Back.

What Our Clients Say
“My Greyhound had a shoulder injury due to hitting a trap, and when it was healing the dog chewed a hole in itself, and the vet said it had to be put down, it was one of my best dogs, so I put a ROMO collar on and left him at the track kennel for a week whilst I was away. When I came back, I was amazed that the wound had healed and in seven days you could not see the scar.
Paul – Bolton , Lancs.”

“My Staffordshire Bull Terrier weighed 12 stones and was very lethargic, I got ROMO to make a custom collar, and fitted it, within a fortnight it was bounding about like a two year old, now I am getting more exercise.
Sarah Stoke-on-Trent.”

What Is Magnotherapy?

Electron Microscope photographs before and after ionisation

Red blood cells like a doughnut without the hole and carry oxygen to the body and remove carbon dioxide from the body. There are about 5 million per cubic millimeter of blood.

The right picture shows a “coinroll formation”. The red blood cells are stuck together which greatly diminishes the free surface on each blood cell which can absorb oxygen and nourishment. The sticky substance is fibrin.

The picture on the left shows the results of magnetic treatment. Each blood cell is free to absorb the maximum amount of oxygen from the lungs, carry it to the body tissues, exchange it for carbon dioxide and deliver that back to the lungs.

In a nutshell, magnetic wave therapy is understood to work by increasing blood flow and oxygen to the pain affected area. The increased blood flow produces higher levels of anti-inflammatory white blood cells and oxygen rich red blood cells, whilst removing the toxic material which causes pain. This leads to an easing of pain, and kick-starts the healing process. Tiny mineral ions, such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium are carried around in the blood stream and when they become exposed to a magnetic field, charged with its own negative and positive polarity, a separation occurs. This separating movement generates heat and creates small electrical currents within the bloodstream and the impact of this magnetic heat causes the capillary walls to relax, resulting in a widening of the blood vessels, thus allowing more blood to pass through the capillary. The improved efficiency in blood flow and fluid exchange helps reduce pain and inflammation caused by injured tissue and this boost not only eases pain but also stimulates the healing process. It is also thought that the movement and heat created by the application of a magnet to a specific area of the body also has an impact on the working of the nervous system.

In magnetic therapy treatment built into our Greyhound collars, static magnets are used which, unlike electromagnets have an in-built, permanent magnetic field that never needs replenishing. Any static magnets would influence blood flow but it is how the magnets are laid out that will determine the overall effectiveness.

All magnets have a north and south polarity and the most effective magnet design uses concentric circles of alternating polarity as this allows the magnetic field to penetrate deeply into the body tissues.

This system of concentric disc and annular magnets made of the rare earth Neodymium turns the configuration into an Induced Pulse Magnetic System ( IMPS ) and has been patented by us at ROMO.

For further details please contact Roger or Mo at Biopulse
Tel: 01565 830500


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