The Best Dog Beds You Can Buy Today

Buying a dog bed is, for many people, a fairly straight forward  process. We often pick the bed type that our dog has shown to prefer over a number of years.

For many dog owning households, multiple beds – even when there is only one dog – sit in various rooms and our dogs will often indicate which particular bed they like best.

There are other things to think about when you’re buying a dog bed, obviously.

  • Which dog bed looks best in your room?
  • Which bed is best for your dog’s age, breed, shape?
  • Which bed is best for your particular budget?
  • Which dog bed is easiest to clean?
  • Which bed is most durable?
  • Which bed has orthopaedic qualities?

Fortunately, our friends over at K9 Magazine have put together a great list of the best dogs beds you can buy.

It’s constantly updated, tested by dogs, reviewed by real people.

Take a look.