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Animal & Family Portraits by Sarah Moynihan BA(Hons)Fine Art

Pet Portraits

Animal & Family Portraits by Sarah Moynihan BA(Hons)Fine Art

tel: 07722 636928

Sarah is a professional, classically trained fine artist. One of her main interests is animal and human portraiture. She is versatile; working in pencil, coloured pencil, charcoal, acrylic and clay.

Her aim is to bring out the character of each of her subjects, whatever the medium. All her artwork is accurately observed and detailed.

Sarah works from photographs which are returned with the final piece. Delivery is worldwide.

Drawings, paintings and sculptures make wonderful, unique gifts for that special occasion and person.

Commissioning is easy and portraits can be given as a gift, or if you prefer the decisions to be made by the receiver, or you are short of time GIFT VOUCHERS are available.

Visit Sarah’s site where you will find more information and see more of her work: