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Animal Communication Training

Natural Pet Health, Pet Education

8 Combe View Cottages, Woodside Road, Chiddingfold, Surrey
tel: 0845 419 4951

Have you ever noticed how our animals know when we are going away even before the bags are packed? Or there’s a tail wagging next to you a split-second after you’ve only just thought about going for a walk? Animals already communicate with us daily and how sensitive to our moods they are!

Animal communication is one of the most natural forms of communication – a true heart connection – and achievable by everyone. Rather than a language of words, it is a language of feelings; every thought that we, or our animals have, creates a specific feeling. By learning to listen clearly to our animals’ feelings, and being aware of the impact of our own, enables us to become even closer to our animals and help them on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.

How Can Animal Communication Help?
Identify physical problems & their true causes
Improve emotional & behavioural issues
Build relationships to create trust and closeness
Communicate with animals that have passed over
Locate lost animals

Animal Communication Programs
Consultations – One-to-one phone or home appointments helping animals using clear communication and Reiki healing
ACT1 – One-day workshops introducing the principals of Animal Communication
ACT2 – Practitioner level courses for those wishing to be professional Animal Communicators
PAC – One-day clinics for students to bring their troubled animals and learn how to positively communicate, promoting trust and confidence

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