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A1 Bedding

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7 Broad Street, Hanley, Stoke on Trent
tel: 0845 226 1440

Luxury Dog Bedding & Veterinary Bedding

Make your dog comfortable and dry with our fantasic bedding range!

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Veterinary Fleece is the perfect choice to keep your puppy or dog warm and dry.

Quanishi Veterinary Fleece is a safe hypoallergenic bedding for dogs.
Used by breeders it allows good air circulation and will keep you dog warm & dry.

Machine washable and quick drying, it is the perfect bedding for your dog’s cage.

It is mid silver-grey in colour on a tough green backed fabric.

Veterinary fleece sizing from 61cms x 46cms – 122cms x 75cms

Prices from: £7.90 – £17.90 (inc VAT)

Please use the contact form below or phone our order line on

0845 2261440