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We’d love to feature your business on The UK Dog Services Directory:

The Dog Services Directory is a comprehensive, searchable guide used by more than 35,000 pet owners each month.

It has been continuously published since April, 2000. So the ‘secret’ value of a listing isn’t just the targeted audience who will discover your business, it’s the incredible search engine value provided to your own website from an authority link on

In short, a listing here will help your own website get more traffic & rank higher in Google & Bing as well as local search.

Increase Your Visibility

Directories are by their very nature designed to attract people searching for a particular product or service. The directory helps dog owners to find high quality suppliers who they may not have heard of previously. So, if someone is looking to hire a pet sitter, dog walker or purchase a luxury dog bed, they will arrive here and discover your business.

Our visitors are actively seeking the services or products provided by pet related businesses.

That makes our visitors much more targeted, action takers – we can put your business in front of them at the right place & the right time.

Search Engine Optimisation
Even if you totally ignore the potential for sales enquiries, a listing on pays for itself many times over by virtue of the search engine value to your own website.

This website has been continuously published on the Internet for over TWO DECADES.

A backlink from will boost your own website's search engine prominence. We optimise our directory pages for search. This website is well regarded by Google & Bing due to its age, relevance & continuity. We can even demonstrate examples of our clients ranking on page one of search results purely on the basis of a backlink from

Why not free?

In our experience free listings directories have a lower quality of service providers in amongst the good ones. We want our users to connect with good, reputable dog services / pet product suppliers. Curated, premium listings work better for our users & our clients.

I'm already listed on big directories, why this one?

Firstly, all the big directory websites tend to use 'no follow' links to your own website. That means you get zero value from their authority. We do not. You will get a direct search engine benefit from being listed on Yell, Yelp, Thomson etc do not pass authority on to your own website. does.

Secondly, our website attracts dog owners who are specifically looking for particular suppliers of goods & services. Targeted, high purchase intent visitors are far more valuable.

Will I get lots of new customers?

That very much depends. Some of the dog services listed on this directory have received thousands of enquiries. Other, more niche providers, may receive far fewer sales leads but they will always be well qualified expressions of interest from people who are genuinely likely to buy.

Is it worth my time & money?

Trust us on this. If you didn't receive a single sales lead directly from us, the value to your own website's search engine profile is worth the investment ten times over. is a two decades old website that passes premium authority to the websites we link to.

We have numerous examples of the power of our citations, with several clients who are now ranking on the first page of the search engine results pages for highly desirable keywords - purely - on the basis of one backlink from our directory pages.

Where is promoted?

We promote through search optimisation, backlinks from hundreds of other pet websites & in every edition of K9 Magazine, so the audience is always flowing.

Do you have good testimonials?

We certainly do.

A very positive experience, combining passion & expertise with a great understanding of the commercial requirements of a partner.

- Andrew Nevitt, Product Consultant, Co-op Pet Insurance

I never expected to benefit from such a wide-spread support when I signed up.
You can tell the obvious pride in the service they provide. Thank you for offering us the opportunity to work with you!”

Patti Valletta, Owner, Old Monterey Inn, California

The service is great. I’ve never worked with a company that set us up so quickly. I also appreciate the help and patience provided when it came to the billing. Thanks so much!

Lily Bissonnette, Sales Manager, Cartier Place Suite

One of the friendliest and most proficient companies we've ever worked with. I was approached with a recommendation that one of my clients do some marketing with them. I did some research and found that their products are a perfect match for my client. They provided me with fast and easy to follow directions and within 2 days we had my client up and running. Never have I worked with a company that produced so quickly.

Allison Wills | Account Executive LMA Communications Inc

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Full Directory Listing

Your business or product listed on including a do-follow, valuable backlink, unlimited word-count, featured image & live customer contact form.


Once you have made your payment you will be directed to the directory submission page where you can add your listing details, image, URL etc.

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