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Mel’s Waggy Tails

Tel: 07594 203723

Mel Bevan is a Jan Fennell accredited Dog Listener with Certificates in Foundation & Advanced Canine Communication for Amichien® Bonding which communicates with your dog using only kindness and understanding, no yelling, no aggression and no domineering behaviour.

Areas Covered:

http://dogservices.co.uk/clientimages/paw.gif Oxfordshire http://dogservices.co.uk/clientimages/paw.gif Berkshire http://dogservices.co.uk/clientimages/paw.gif Buckinghamshire http://dogservices.co.uk/clientimages/paw.gif Hampshire http://dogservices.co.uk/clientimages/paw.gif Gloucestershire http://dogservices.co.uk/clientimages/paw.gif Wiltshire http://dogservices.co.uk/clientimages/paw.gif Worcestershire http://dogservices.co.uk/clientimages/paw.gif Warwickshirehttp://dogservices.co.uk/clientimages/paw.gif Northants http://dogservices.co.uk/clientimages/paw.gif Surrey

By using Jan Fennell’s Amichien® Bonding method, Mel can help you to solve behavioural problems you have with your dog including:

http://dogservices.co.uk/clientimages/paw.gif Excessive Barking
http://dogservices.co.uk/clientimages/paw.gifJumping Up
http://dogservices.co.uk/clientimages/paw.gif Pulling on The Lead
http://dogservices.co.uk/clientimages/paw.gif Not Listening to Commands
http://dogservices.co.uk/clientimages/paw.gif Feeding Problems
http://dogservices.co.uk/clientimages/paw.gif Anxiety
http://dogservices.co.uk/clientimages/paw.gif Destroying Possessions
http://dogservices.co.uk/clientimages/paw.gif Barging Through Doorways
http://dogservices.co.uk/clientimages/paw.gif Not Coming When Called
http://dogservices.co.uk/clientimages/paw.gif Aggression Towards You & Other Dogs
http://dogservices.co.uk/clientimages/paw.gif Fear of Noise
http://dogservices.co.uk/clientimages/paw.gif Obsessive Behaviour

Amichien® Bonding will help you understand why your dog behaves the way he does using this method you will be able to live alongside your dog in harmony!

Amichien® Bonding communicates with your dog using only kindness and understanding, no yelling, no aggression and no domineering behaviour.

This method is for ALL dogs, not just for when you encounter problems. Puppy to senior, it is not age or breed specific.

For further details, please contact Mel direct on 07594 203723 or by emailing below.

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